About us

Our most recent area is the development of innovative measuring devices: Hydroo – the moisture sensor device for wood and other materials. Meet the team!

Dr.-Ing. Michael Dimmer



Hardware development

iOS / Android-Software development


Mr. Dimmer is the managing director of Hydroo Messgeräte GmbH and is responsible for the development of hardware as well as iOS and android applications.


In 2011 he completed his civil engineering degree at the University of Applied Sciences in Dresden and finished his doctorate in 2017 at the Technical University Dresden

Benjamin Jenak

Product developer


Hardware design

Corporate design


Mr. Jenak is responsible for all design aspects of Hydroo: this includes the development of the design as well as the creation of our corporate design.


He has been studying Product Design at the University of Applied Sciences Dresden since 2013. He works as a freelance photographer and product designer.

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Olaf Kempe

Professor for timber construction


Professional expert

Idea provider


Professor Kempe is our professional expert for the development of Hydroo and also advises on quality assurance and other technical matters.


Mr. Kempe is Chair of Building and Timber Construction at the University of Applied Sciences Dresden. In addition, he is an expert and assessor for timber construction and sustainable construction. 

Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Abicht

Mechanical engineer


Construction engineer

Product Manufactoring


The development and production of the ram-in electrodes as well as the technical implementation of all design specifications are the responsibility of Mr. Abicht. 

In 2012 Mr. Abicht began to study mechanical engineering at the Dresden University of Technology and completed his studies successfully in 2018 with the emphasis on production engineering.