The most important features at a glance

Brief description

1. Hydroo is connected to a smart phone via Bluetooth. (Is my smartphone compatible?)

2. Hydroo is connected to a ram-in electrode by a banana plug (possibly also to other electrodes).

3. All measurements are made, managed and analysed with the smartphone app. 

4. Hydroo's measurement principle follows electrical resistance calculations. Hydroo calculates the moisture in the material using the moisture resistance information.

5. Temperature compensation is automatically done by a temperature sensor which is built into Hydroo 

Technical information

Dimensions: 115 x 105 x 26 mm

Nominal voltage: 9 Volt

Power supply: block battery (standard)

Measuring principle: moisture measurement resistance

Measuring range:

        Wood moisture: 6 - 150 % (more)

        Temperature: -20 °C - 50 °C 

Measurement accuracy: ± 0,5 %

Weight: approx. 350 g (without accessories)

Temperature compensation: automatic (surrounding temperature)

Interface: Banana plug (to connect to an electrode); Bluetooth 4.0 (to connect to your smartphone)

Battery life: 28 hours (standby mode, with delivered battery)


In our laboratories we have characteristic curves for over 40 different timbers and other construction material. The creation of these calibration curves requires a great deal of work and time. Numerous test specimens are conditioned for each type of timber. The moisture content is determined at different temperatures gravimetrically and with our measuring device. We can therefore get precise characteristic curves which are then put into our measuring device. We are continually extending our component library. To get an overview of our current types of wood, download our app. (iOS-App or Android-App). If you need a certain material and cannot find it in the app, please contact us here


An detailed guide for Hydroo with further information about usage, measurement accuracy and range of smart phone app functions  can be found in the manual.

General user guide

Use Hydroo with care! The case is made of aluminium, wood and plastic; inner parts comprise sensitive electronic components.

  • Do not break or pierce it!

  • Make sure that Hydroo is stable and cannot fall over! 

  • Do not put Hydroo near to naked flame, liquids or splashing water!

  • Using Hydroo in strong electromagnetic fields can lead to temporary or permanent disfunction. 

  • Do not use Hydroo, if it has been damaged! 

  • Only use Hydroo for its intended use (e.g. construction site, building material laboratory) 


Do not try to repair Hydroo alone.

Plugs, connections and buttons: Never try to put a plug into a connection by force. If a plug cannot be connected easily then it probably does not fit. Check whether the connection is blocked. Never push too hard on a switch. 

Cleaning: On cleaning the device, it is important that:

  • Hydroo is off!

  • No liquids get into the case!


Use a soft fluff-free cloth. Do not use detergents or compressed air. 

Operating temperature: Please use Hydroo within the following temperatures: 0 °C to 50 °C. Failure to do so may lead to damage to the device or shortened life of the battery.