Software packet


The smartphone app you need to use Hydroo, to save, manage and export measurements can be downloaded here: iOS or Android.

Since 2011 we have been developing complex software for dew point calculation of various building constructions. We have established ourselves as market leaders in dew point calculators for mobile terminal devices. Many engineers, architects, carpenters etc use our iPhone and iPad applications to calculate insulation and  assess energy for building constructions.


The condensation calculator supports the planning and implementation of different types of building constructions. It shows where condensation occurs in your construction and where mould growth is expected.

Numerous individual constructions can be dynamically created through an extensive material database. The μ and λ-values can be changed if need be. The app calculates whether and where your construction could have condensation using the structural thickness and surrounding temperatures entered. The results are then graphically displayed. Additionaly, the programme identifies the U-value of your building construction.


Some further features of the condensation-app are:

  • Calculation of composite building components (rafters)

  • Manual extension of building component database

  • Saving of building constructions

  • Export  of constructions (pdf or Airprint)


iPhone-Version         iPad-Version


The "Lite" version of the condensation calculator supports you to calculate insulation by determining the U-value/ R-value. For each component you can chose the appropriate material out of a library. The suggested Lambda value can also be changed. The U-value is then calculated for your building construction from the component thickness and the thermal conductivity figures


You have the possibility to put in your own materials which extends your building component library. You can also calculate the insulation of composite building components (rafters).


The results can be exported as pdf per email.

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